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Ofek Laboratories is directed by Dr. Yitzhak Klein. It was established in 1989, and has provided lab test services for clients from the Jerusalem area for over 20 years. The lab is located in Central Jerusalem, within the Jerusalem Medical Center which houses some 38 specialist MDs. The lab accepts all types of tests, and conducts most in house or at reference labs.
The lab specializes in fast tests for Israelis who are interested in quick results and do not wish to wait for their Kupat Holim. It also serves external residents (after the test an English invoice is issued for insurance companies overseas), as well as foreign workers and students who have Israeli health insurance. The lab works with such insurance companies as Harel, Pami, Menorah, Ayalon and Klal.  
The lab employs 4 lab workers with corresponding degrees and training, utilizing state of the art equipment. As a result, waiting time for any test throughout the day is approximately 10 minutes only. All hematological and biochemical test results are provided on the same day, with an option for urgent tests for which results are delivered within one hour.
Clients are provided with unlimited free parking space, with full access for the handicapped. Lab services are provided in a variety of languages such as Hebrew, English, Russian, Spanish, French and Hungarian.

Among the tests conducted at the lab:
   •   Hematology
   •   Hormones
   •   Microbiology
   •   Medication level
   •   Parasitological tests 

Types of Tests Conducted at Ofek Laboratories



•   Throat cultures +
     quick strep test 
•   Urine cultures
•   Stool cultures
•   Wound cultures
•   Vaginal cultures
•   Parasitological



•   Blood count + differential 
•   Reticulocytes
•   Sedimentation rate
•   Blood coagulation 
Note: no fasting is required
          for hematology tests 



•   Test for locating
     amoeba and worms



•   Pregnancy tests 
•   Thyroid gland functions
•   Fertility hormones

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